• Running = lifting weights?

    Strength training is the bomb.com. I try to lift weights at least two or three times a week and it is the primary focus with my clients. While my niche is not Olympic-style lifts and 5 set of 5 reps of exercises, I do push my clients to use moderate-to-heavy weights (with a smile and […]

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    August 23, 2013 By Jess
  • Vacations: the best and worst time to exercise

    Hey, everyone! No need to feel sad and heartbroken from missing my posts and me. I’m back! After a fun-filled, refreshing week in Punta Cana with my family, I’m ready to be back at work and sharing little tips throughout the week on how to enrich your life with fitness and wellness. Pictures, you ask? […]

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    August 20, 2013 By Jess
  • Bon Voyage for the week!

    Happy Tuesday, and happy vacation week for me. I won’t be posting until next Sunday, but keep working on your goals and stretches for the week 😉 I’ll be thinking of y’all while I’m in Punta Cana!

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    August 13, 2013 By Jess
  • “Can’t touch these!” – your feet

    If you haven’t been able to touch your toes since you were a cute little baby, learning to walk, I imagine your feet singing MC Hammer’s smash hit to you as you attempt to perform your once-in-a-blue-moon stretch routine. I think it’s safe to say that we can count the number of people we know […]

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    August 12, 2013 By Jess
  • Cleanses or detox diets: fuhgeddaboudit

    Diet. As you read that word, you probably aren’t thinking of a diet that includes a balanced daily food and drink intake. What may first come to your mind is the short-term eating plan that will help you lose weight and look like Channing Tatum or Jennifer Aniston. Fad diets have been around for centuries […]

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    August 10, 2013 By Jess